How the Real World Works

“But how do you get a good job if you don’t go to College Mr Wittstock?!”

It was a legitimate question from yet another misdirected youth!

“But if you were interviewing two candidates, one with a College degree, one without, who would you give the nod to Mr Wittstock?!”

My reply “the one who interviewed better, had done more homework on my business and looked me in the eye with a smile on their face while giving me a firm handshake!”

Common sense ain’t so common anymore! I love love love getting to share with high school and College age kids about how it works in the real world.

Map of World on Hands

And for any “snowplow parents” (you know the kind that try to clear all the obstacles from their kids path) you might be able to buy a degree from USC or Stanford and maybe even pull some strings to help your precious baby get a job but once they work for me or any other CEO worth his salt if they can’t pull their own weight they aren’t going anywhere in the organization!!!

Folks, “someone” is raising these kids to believe the world works in totally different ways than it actually does.

• That’s why I share with them the reality that only 15% of graduates end up in a Career related to their Major!

• No CEO I’ve ever met knows what an employees GPA was in College!

• More and more Major Corporations are eliminating the requirement for a College Degree seeing how more and more candidates are coming to them unprepared after receiving said degree and worse seeing them straddled with debilitating student loans!

If you yourself are wondering how you find “a good job” without a College Degree here’s how I answered that question to the bright eyed young lady that asked me it today…

Find a GOOD company in a field you think you’re interested in pursuing, research the heck out of it and go in and ask to meet with a Departmental Manager or Owner. Let them know you’re very interested in pursuing career opportunities with their organization. If you can’t get a coffee with someone at the first place, go to the next one on your hit list until you finally land that meeting with a good employer in your chosen industry. When you have that “networking coffee” with an official in that business only to find out out they have no open positions besides a janitor TAKE IT AND BE THE BEST JANITOR THEY’VE EVER HAD!

…and then the best receptionist

…then the best customer service rep

…then the best outside salesperson

Keep that mindset and work ethic and you just might be running the joint in twenty years!!!

(And if you wanted to take night classes while working your way up the ladder, more power to you!)

This is how the real world works.