Holding Onto Bitterness Is Like Drinking Poison

“Holding Onto Bitterness is like Drinking Poison and Hoping the Other Person Dies!”

I’d be hard pressed to think of anyone who’d outright deny the reality of that brilliant quote. Yet…EVERYDAY, thanks in large part to social media, we get to see people who feel justified in posting their bitterness for the whole world to see!

I’d like to TAG specific people in this post, who sadly choose to continue to consume poison. But alas I know that the very act of doing so would probably only end up feeding them more poison to consume


I’m certainly prone to periodic bouts of stinking thinking” and feeling sorry for myself. In those instances though I consciously choose to pull myself out of my funk by consuming my own good medicine…we become that which we dwell on.

In the end, for me at least “Everyday above ground is a blessing!”

JUST SAY NO…to drinking your own poison!