Happy Labor of Love Day!

The greatest challenge for every business owner is always people! People will be your greatest source of aggravation but also inspiration. Today, Labor Day, is as good a day as any to challenge yourself on whether what you’re doing is a labor of love or a labor of dread.

I’m inspired to help people reach their fullest potential in whatever it is they CHOOSE to do personally and certainly as a boss professionally. I was fortunate enough to discover something (ponds) I was passionate about doing and was successful at turning my hobby into my profession. Over 26 years of doing “what I love” I’ve endured countless sleepless nights, betrayal by friends and family, faced financial ruin on multiple occasions and to this day feel the sting of constant judgment by those who don’t posses the facts. I say this not to garner sympathy but rather as context for anyone who believes your boss has it all figured out. I don’t and that’s ok!

It’s also ok for you to wake up everyday and go to work to face the problems of the day head on. After all “All Business Is, Is Fixing Problems” If however you dread going to work everyday to face those problems may I be so bold as to suggest that maybe it is you that is the problem?!

Everyday and in every way you’re either part of the problem or part of the solution. Your attitude is the most important factor in determining what part of that equation you’re part of.

I love what I do despite what people do. You should too despite what your boss does or doesn’t do. After all … OUR Attitudes Determine Our Altitudes!

Greg Wittstock