Faith, Hope, and Love

And with that Heisman winner, 1st round draft pick, baseball player and commentator, revealed the secret to his boundless zest for life! His current pursuit might be trying to break into the Major Leagues, but his driving force is his Foundations mission statement “To bring faith, hope and love to those needing a brighter day in their darkest hour of need!”

Put me in coach!!!

To say I was fired up at the opportunity to hear and even meet Tim Tebow is an understatement! It’s not often I get to meet someone’s whose passion for what they do equals, or in Tebow’s case, surpasses mine! This dude is on fire for the Lord and in particular those whose extra needs require extra love!

His brainchild “Night to Shine” now creates an annual experience for 90,000 special needs individuals to experience a prom where they are ALL celebrated as kings and queens!

Are you kidding me?! Talk about an all around good dude! I was biting my lip listening to his testimony and hearing his heart for those more needy!

I’m telling you, it’s not often that you see someone living their convictions as ardently as Tebow so openly does! He’s faced his fair share of critics for sure for doing so, and yet his passion for pursing what’s important to him remains completely undaunted!

To me anyone living with that level of conviction, to continue unencumbered by a society which is always trying to pull you back down to its level at every turn, is an exceedingly rare trait today!

It’s fair to say if I had a daughter, I’d love for her to marry a man who walks the walk like Tebow does! Apparently that trait is desirable to more than just me. In January Tim will be getting married to a former Miss Universe!

Sometimes good guys do finish first 👊

Tim Tebow and Greg Wittstock