Do You Live Life on Your Terms or Someone Else’s?

Chip and Joanne Gaines seemingly had it all, four kids, a successful business and their own hit TV Show. Loved and adored by millions they chose to walk away from the fortune and fame for one reason…they had lost control of their time and living out their priorities.

When they announced they were leaving their “successful” gig speculation ran wild with many questioning if their marriage was in trouble! Why are people so prone to assume the worst more often than not?! They had the cajones to quit their hit show and instead put their family first! Maybe just maybe if more of Hollywood took their lead, divorce wouldn’t be so prevalent in the entertainment field.

Too many people resign themselves to a life spent feeling “suppressed by the man” or equally disempowering living life “going through the motions.” Not Chip and Joanna Gaines, and not anyone else for that matter that realizes life is about the choices we make daily and the ways we choose to respond to the inevitable valleys that come after the mountain tops!

Whether you stay in a rut or scale the next peak is ultimately up to you!

Read the tweet that caused Chip and Joanna to end their hit reality TV show, Fixer Upper.


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