Do You Believe in Miracles?

Now that I no longer play competitive sports I sure love watching them! Anyone else with me?! Obviously I always pull for my TEAM to win but even more so I enjoy watching a competitive contest and observing the “game within a game” that every sport naturally has.

But one of the things I love most about sports is the analogies one can derive between success on the field and off it!

I think it’s safe to say when it comes to fighting COVID-19 we are ALL on the same damn TEAM! Winning and getting back as fast as possible to the lives we’ve all put on hold, should be the ONLY goal for all of us!!!

If we can agree on that, let’s agree on one more thing, too. It’s not the team with the most talented players that has the best chance to win, but rather the TEAM that plays the best together that has the best odds of victory (Que the 1980’s Men’s Gold Medal Hockey TEAM here – ”DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES?!”)

US Olympic Hockey Team

I still get chills every time I hear AL Michaels utter that famous line.

Folks, I’ve never seen a basketball player miss the first free throw, ever, and witness his TEAMmates do anything but give ’em a fist pump and a maybe a slap on the butt while letting them know “you got this.”

This “game” is not over! If anything I’d say we are just at halftime in this battle of all battles against our common foe COVID-19! If so you might as well call this my halftime “pep talk” It’s not going to be very deep (they rarely ever are or ever really need to be!)

“Let’s play this second half like any great TEAM! We need to be unselfish in our play. We need to encourage one another rather than tear each other down. When one of us stumbles or someone makes a mistake do all you can to cover for your TEAMMATE. Keep fighting knowing the game is never won or lost in single play.


At times like these when we all have a single opponent, sworn enemies need to become allies. I’m talking to you CNN and FOX!

And you 😉

You are either on TEAM defeat Coronavirus OR you’re part of the problem right now. Period, end of story!

TEAM, the last time I checked the Fat Lady hasn’t sung.

Who’s with me?!

P.S. Please be with me, Buckeye Football is supposed to kick off in only 5 months 🤞