College Is Not the Answer

There are many wonderful things about college. My parents met in college, my wife and I both went to college, and both our kids are going to college. This is not an anti-college post. However, as a life-long entrepreneur who’s employed thousands of individuals over a career that spans almost three decades, I can assure you that college is not a substitute for these six traits when it comes to career success.

College is not the answer, work ethic is. The single common denominator between successful people is they all possess a strong work ethic! Nobody, and I mean nobody, reaches their fullest potential without working hard at it! Maybe someone born with Michael Jordan’s innate abilities in their chosen craft could become relatively successful. But true success only occurs when someone maximizes their God given abilities to their fullest! Jordan became the G.O.A.T. with a maniacal work ethic. Lack a strong work ethic and your success will be severely limited in whatever you do.

College is not the answer, motivation is. As important as work ethic is for success, lacking drive will assure you toil well below your full potential. Motivation is the key to continuous self improvement. When anyone rests on their laurels, rest assured there’s someone who isn’t! That someone understands when you stop learning, you stop earning! Continuous improvement is the only way to stay on top!

College is not the answer, integrity is. If you reach the highest of highs, but lack integrity in “achieving” those gains, you’ve failed to reach your fullest potential. When you sell your soul to the devil, the devil always gets what he wants in the end. What else can I say about the importance of integrity for true success than that?!

College is not the answer, creativity is. No textbook ever written, or that one could read, can prepare you for the real world dynamics that you must navigate everyday to be successful. “All business is – is fixing problems.” Everyday you go to work, if there are no problems to fix, you could (and eventually will) be replaced by a robot that can do it better than you! How you creatively navigate the daily challenges that inevitably crop up, will ultimately determine how high you rise up the totem pole!

College is not the answer, attitude is. If you rock at everything but your attitude sucks, you can’t be successful because you’ll make everyone miserable – including yourself! Enough said!

College is not the answer, passion is. I saved the best for last! If you have a strong work ethic, are motivated by continuous improvement, care enough to have integrity, maintain a positive attitude, and find something you love to do – you’ll truly never work another day in your life! “The purpose of life is to have a purpose!” Purpose comes when you find your passion, or some might say passion comes when you find your purpose! If your purpose is only money you’ll more likely find yourself having a job you don’t love! Try getting up, day after day, working hard, staying motivated, keeping your integrity with a smile on your face and living passionately when money is your primary objective. That would be virtually impossible for anyone to succeed at! And that you truly can take to the bank!

Passion Led Us Here

“Success is reaching your fullest potential.”

Earning a degree doesn’t automatically make you successful. But working hard, staying motivated, having integrity, being creative, and finding and following your passion most certainly will!