Birds of a Feather Flock Together

Are you a pessimist or optimist? Obviously, we are both depending on the situation but, in general, we tend to gravitate one way or the other. I’m definitely an optimist by nature. Pessimists drain my energy in the same way, I’m sure, I drain theirs! Therefore, most of my friends and ALL my favorite customers are optimists!

Now, if you’re a pessimist I don’t want to discourage you (why would an optimist want to do that? ?), but here’s what I will say…

You become who you hang out with and I prefer to soar with the eagles than scratch the ground with the chickens!

I watch in constant bewilderment seeing posts on social media from “friends” who find it cathartic to post, on a regular basis, about the dark cloud that’s perennially over their head! Humm … I wonder why that is. ?

An optimist chooses to control the only thing they can, which is their attitude! We optimists believe your attitude determines your altitude. And when you find yourself in a bad place, we comprehend that there is more to be learned in the valley that will inevitably get you to the next mountain top! ?

Here’s to optimists everywhere that help pessimists see the silver lining in their despair!