Before Corona (B.C.) After Corona (A.C.)

If you’re one of those people who didn’t like it when the pastor welcomed the congregation to shake hands and greet one another, you’re life will probably be a little more bearable, at least at church, after the great Pandemic! 😜

I believe the standard greeting of shaking hands from church to business meetings to even saying “hi” to friends will no longer be socially acceptable A.C.

Shaking hands!!!

Expert and client shaking hands

That’s hard to imagine B.C. but I believe it will be proven true A.C. Many things are hard to imagine, but when you can imagine a different future, it’s a heck of a lot easier to prepare for it!

Universities will be different too A.C. With millions of students forced to turn to on-line curriculums, many will simply choose to continue their educations on-line. A whole new ecosystem is opening up right now before our eyes!

The reality is nobody knows for sure what our reality will look like when we emerge from this Pandemic only that it will look very different. After all, this is the single greatest universal disruptor of our lifetimes! No doubt, it will certainly change our lives in ways we can barely even comprehend today. But comprehend we must since we must get back to living in a world that won’t be the way it was.

The one constant in life is change. Change can be scary. But, believe it or not we’ve all experienced extremely significant changes in our lives. The big difference now, is, we’re experiencing significant changes seemingly instantaneously! We’ve gotta be more nimble than ever to adapt to what we are facing.

The future is to be determined with a sobering universal truth…some will evolve and others won’t, sadly being left behind. The world has always been survival of the fittest. How fit are you today, and what can you do to assure you’re ready for whatever tomorrow brings?

This isn’t intended to be a morbid perspective but rather a wake up call. Of course evolution would be a lot easier to accept if it happened on our terms. If that was the case though, we probably wouldn’t evolve! Everyone is comfortably in their old ways…some of us more so than others. Flexibility is going to have be the name of the game now more than ever!

B.C. we might have gotten by for years not embracing change. A.C. the only way to get by will be to embrace the changes and adapt on the fly

We are all in this together. But only those willing to change will thrive in the new times #letsdothis💪