Are You a Good Forgiver?

“There are  No Enduring Relationships Without Forgiveness.”


Every single relationship, EVERY SINGLE ONE, eventually will require forgiveness – that is, if it is to last! Your best friend, your sibling, your parent, your child, your boss, your subordinate.

Every significant relationship you’re a party in, will eventually have a real or perceived slight, that in order to continue in a healthy manner, will require forgiveness being granted and accepted.

When asked what the secret to their successful marriage of over 60 years was, without hesitation Ruth Graham, the wife of evangelist Billy replied, “We are both great forgivers!”

Amen to that! You’ll need the most forgiveness from those you are closest too! We always hurt the ones we ❤️ the most!

Are you a good forgiver?

Are You Good at Forgiving?