Are You a Giver or Taker?

I’m sure there’s situations and in particular people in my life I’ve subtracted from more than I added too. If you’re one of those people I’m sorry and for my own sake at least, I hope it was a long time ago! However, as a natural giver I always try to at least contribute more than I take in every equation.

As you might suspect I get taken advantage of…A LOT!!!

If only the world could operate on a more equitable give and take relationship I think it would spin a lot smoother on its axis!

I’m even fine going above and beyond at 60/40 and truly doing it with a genuine attitude.

…after all “it’s better to give than receive!”

BUT…when a natural giver meets a natural taker it’s always, in the end, ends up as a lose lose scenario! Sure, one guy will “make off” with more in the short term but in the end the mentality of a taker will sink them every time (despite what appearances may currently seem)!

I’ve had people steal money from me and seemingly, for now anyway, walk away “Scott free” Over the long haul though that mentality will cost them WAY more in life than they ever profit. Have you seen that too?!

I’m determined not to allow anyone or anything ever to stop me from being a giver! I’m also been taken advantage of enough times over the years to know I should extrapolate myself from abusive relationships faster than I usually do ?

As with anything it’s a balancing act. I wish others wouldn’t be so darn short sighted but people, if not out right devious are often broken. With people like this it’s the givers that are usually left holding the empty bag.

I’m blessed to have an amazingly insightful wife and a mega talented TEAM of people surrounding me, who often see through people’s veils much more quickly and clearly than I do!

As for now I’m left praying for 50/50 relationships, happily willing to give 60/40, and I need to learn to walk away faster from 90/10’s while running from the 0/100’s!!!

Give and Take