A Needle in a Haystack

I’d assume I’d hardly be alone with most of my friends if I said when I was 18 I didn’t know it all.

Fortunately (or unfortunately) we didn’t know it at the time. 😂

That’s why it’s pretty amazing to meet an 18-year old kid who appears to have it all figured out! As he figures it, he’d love to love his job too! That’s why last week, on his own accord, he signed up for the Aquascape Academy, got on a plane, and traveled from Utah to Chicago. I noticed him right away. It wasn’t just the fact that he looked so young, seemed bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, but he also had a great smile that was made harder to miss with him sitting directly in front of me in the front row! 👊

Aquascape Academy with Greg Wittstock

This kid, without his parents’ involvement, jumped on an airplane and got himself to Chicago! He chose to enroll himself in our Academy after becoming addicted to watching all my vlogs!


When he left I suggested in passing that he contact a local Certified Aquascape Contractor from his state and see if he’d be willing to mentor him. I wasn’t surprised when I followed up with him this week and found out he indeed had already been in contact with Marc Hellman of Earth Energy Waterscapes.


If you, like me, ever doubted if our world would keep spinning when the next generation was responsible for keeping it churning, I’ve got great news..

There are indeed needles in the hay stack!

Steven Anzalone, thank you for being you! You have restored my hope for your generation!! Go get ’em kid!!!

“I ❤️ MY JOB!”

Learn about the Aquascape Academy.