A Body in Motion Stays in Motion

I should have put two and two together when I walked into the gym called “Survivor” with shark’s teeth as the logo with a chiseled dude working the bag standing on an artificial leg.

Still, I naively asked him “Hey buddy, do you mind me asking what happened to your leg?!”

When he replied in his Aussie accent all I heard was “Shot.”

When I replied “Did you serve in the military?!” his confused look let me know that I misheard him.

“SHARK ATTACK” he articulated more loudly.

“WOW!” I replied! Now I was really going to annoy him with my questions. 😜

Turns out Glenn lost his entire right leg three years ago after a bull shark took it clean off while he was out spear fishing. He died six times between the beach and the hospital but ultimately survived!

If there’s one thing you can say about me it’s people and their stories fascinate me! If you’ve achieved success in something you’re doubly interesting to me. Lose a leg to a shark though, and start a gym, I might just have to buy you dinner while hanging on every word!

Glenn was gracious with my questioning but fortunately for him a client came in and saved him from me! I did find his story though on 60 Minutes Australia (see below).

And I did accomplish my main objective which was to learn a piece of wisdom from this winner –

“A Body in Motion, Stays in Motion!”

Six weeks to the day after having his leg torn off by a shark he was standing at the kickboxing tournament he was supposed to compete in addressing the crowd! It was exactly half the time the doctors told him it would take after losing his appendage! But, it was that tournament that motivated him to “get up and get going!”

Greg Wittstock and Shark Victim

I’ve got many excuses not to do the things I know I should and unfortunately I use them far too often. It’s one of the main reasons I work so hard to book my calendar a year out. “A body in motion stays in motion!”

It was also why I found myself that morning going for a workout at Glenns one year old Gym that he founded to train others on the sport he still loves!

And trust me when I say his philosophy of always moving, always pushing, relentlessly moving forward is yet another great example for me on what winners do!

And hopefully you now too!

Watch Glenn’s incredible story: