The #1 Goal of a CEO

Today I have a new Executive Assistant starting. Go ahead and get your jokes in about how hard it must be to work for me and how much of a masochist she must be.  I took her to lunch and we talked about my favorite topic (outside of the ridiculousness of college today).


I believe the first job of any CEO is to guide and guard the company culture. The Aquascape culture is a direct reflection of me and let’s just say my style isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. By no means am I saying that everyone that works here is like me (that would be really, really scary). What I am saying is you either fit in at Aquascape or you don’t. Not just anyone can work here and that’s a good thing in my book.

Here are few values I/we look for in an Aquascape TEAMMATE (none of which require a college degree, by the way!):

“Good Work Ethic” This isn’t a “union job.” No job is too large or too small and no one, yourself included, is above doing whatever it takes to get the job done!

“Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude” Competency is important, but we hire for attitude and train for aptitude. (Do you know how hard it is to find people with great attitudes today?!)

“Brown Nosers Need Not Apply” Impressing your manager or even me is easy. Becoming a valuable member of our TEAM means winning over the hearts and minds of your coworkers!

“You’re Either Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution” All business is, is fixing problems. If you’re not a problem solver you won’t have a place on our TEAM.

“Have Fun” We build ponds and sell water feature components. If you can’t have fun doing that, then what can you have fun doing?! No stick in the mud Teammates … PLEASE!

As simple as these values might seem to you or me … trust me when I say finding someone that fits the bill for living them day in and day out is like finding a needle in a haystack! But when we do find someone we have a “lifer!”

Nothing is more important to me than my TEAM, which means nothing is more important than “guiding and guarding our company culture” in my role as CEO.

Greg's Assistant

Good luck, Trish!  ?