Why a Young Man’s Ambition Is Important to the Pond Industry

What do Greg Wittstock and Cesar Burgos have in common? They both built their first pond at the tender age of 12 years. Greg was motivated to create a new home for his pet turtle, Samson. Cesar had a love of fish and wanted to explore outdoor fish keeping. Both are paving their own journey in the pond industry.

Lucky for Cesar, Greg had already started his YouTube channel when Cesar was 10 years old, which of course, caught the young boy’s eye. He also started watching Ed the Pond Professor and saw Brian at TEAM Aquascape, which further propelled him into the world of water gardening.

Cesar’s first pond was four feet by four feet, with a depth of 12 inches. Since the pond wasn’t deep enough to overwinter fish in the Chicago area, he brought his finned friends indoors to live in his fish tank. Cesar first learned about goldfish, which led him to study koi and the desire to keep fish as outdoor pets.


Cesar and Brian at Aquascape Academy


Cesar is currently a junior in high school and recently attended an Aquascape Academy session to learn more about ponds and the water feature industry. He enjoys construction and working with his hands and hopes to one day start his own pond-building business. Cesar dreams of having a pond mentor in the future and enjoyed helping to build an Aquascape pond that was sold last year.

The water garden industry needs more aspiring young pond artists like Cesar if it wants to stay in pace with the demand for ornamental water features. He found the Aquascape YouTube channels through Instagram and continues to watch and learn. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this ambitious pond builder. After all, Greg Wittstock started as a pond and turtle enthusiast at the young age of 12 to later become the owner and CEO of the most successful pond business in North America.


Cesar's first pond
Cesar’s first pond