Survival of the Fittest!

Business has always been about survival of the fittest! Trying times like these call for you to be doing ALL YOU CAN to assure the health and well-being of your company!

What exactly can you be doing right now, like TODAY, to invest in the future of your business?!?

Here’s an Aquascape Top 10 list to get you started!!!

  1. Take your self-assessment and identify ways that you can improve your business TODAY!
  2. Tag photo and videos posts of your AMAZING water feature installations with #AOTY2020 and get entered to win this year’s coveted Artist of the Year award! We can’t wait to see your work!
  3. Watch, Like, Comment & Share Aquascape vlogs:
  4. Listen to the Greg Wittstock, The Pond Guy Pondcast and get to know your fellow CACs better!
  5. Share Aquascape Inc. posts with your own social media network:
  6. Download and share the Pond Activity Guide with friends and family:
  7. Make use of the social media posts and links curated exclusively for you by Marketing Communications Manager, Jennifer Zuri. Schedule these posts TODAY!
  8. Share the Spring/Summer issue of the Aquascape Lifestyles Magazine and specifically mention the article that begins on page 30 as a resource to help kids at home with their outdoor education and interaction
  9. Schedule Spring Pond Cleanouts in your area and have the fantastic graphics developed by Dr. Nancy Hallam-Smith ready to educate your customers
  10. Crack open your Aquascape Operating Manual and implement ONE NEW THING in your business EACH WEEK! Use these links for easy access to Shotfarm and the Aquascape ProShop:
Greg Wittstock The Pond Guy - Owner of Aquascape Inc.