Patio Basin

Add a beautiful decorative fountain to any patio, deck, or indoor location in minutes. The Aquascape Patio Basin allows you to install a stunning water feature without ever having to touch a shovel. There is no need to dig, simply place the patio basin in the desired location and fill with water. The low-maintenance deck can accommodate decorative stones or pebbles, providing an attractive base for your water feature. A natural limestone finish allows it to blend into any setting. Handling flow-rates up to 550 gallons per hour, the Patio Basin can be used in a variety of water feature applications. The durable basin holds up to 18 gallons of water and support weights up to 100 pounds.

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  • Ideal for adding decorative fountains to patios, decks, and more
  • No digging necessary
  • Natural limestone fish
  • Supports up to 100 pounds and handles pump flow rates up to 550 GPH
  • 18 gallon water storage capacity