Koi and Pond Fish Care

Keep your fish happy and healthy with Aquascape koi and pond fish care products.

Fish Food

Fish, like all creatures, need healthy, nutrient-rich food to thrive. Aquascape fish foods contain probiotics that aid in digestion, optimize growth rates, and reduce fish waste. Quality ingredients, including multivitamins and stabilized vitamin C, provide superior nutrition and will not break apart and cloud pond water. Aquascape fish foods are scientifically formulated to provide all pond fish, including koi and goldfish, premium quality nutrition at an affordable price.

  • Floating pellet ideal for all pond fish
  • Includes stabilized multivitamin and probiotics
  • Will not break apart and cloud water
  • Contains high-quality protein

Pond and Fish Nets

Aquascape offers a variety of net types and sizes. Fish nets are specifically designed for catching fish without harming them. Pond nets are ideal for skimming debris from your pond.

Fish Treatments

On occasion, your pond fish may need treatments for illness or wounds. Aquascape offers products that treat parasites, bacterial infections, and fungal infections.

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