Aquascape Teammates Clean up East Side Park for Earth Day 🌎

For an annual Earth Day event, Aquascape, Inc. teammates volunteered to clean up the park at East Side Sports Complex in St. Charles, Illinois. From 9:30 a.m.-12 p.m., the Aquascape team collected trash and debris around the public space and spread mulch around the trees. Collectively, they committed to do their part for Mother Nature by keeping a neighborhood park clean.

“Plastic and other types of pollution affect everyone in the community,” says Jennifer Peck, human resources director for Aquascape, Inc. “To make a positive, tangible impact on our surrounding environment, we encourage our employees to participate in this annual cleanup event during work hours. As a company that connects people to nature and emulates it in our ecosystem ponds, we want to help make our local park more sustainable and enjoyable for everyone.”

Cleanups, both large and small, help alleviate the issue of global mismanaged waste. Aquascape also helps reduce its carbon footprint by properly separating recyclables in the workplace and rinsing off any residue to prevent contamination.

Earth Day Group Photo
Aquascape Teammates picking up litter at East Side Park in St. Charles, Illinois.