Aquascape Launches High Flow External Pond Pumps

Aquascape, Inc. announces its first line of external pond pumps as an alternative application to submersible pumps in large ponds and water features. Aquascape EXT Pond Pumps provide high flow rates and are ideal for recirculating water in recreational ponds that require an external pump.

The EXT Pond Pump comes in four different models, including two single-phase motors and two 3-phase motors ranging in max flow rates from 12,500 GPH to 18,400 GPH. These high flow rate options make EXT pumps perfect for supplying water to waterfalls, wetland filters, and water jets. EXT pumps are mounted on a mechanical pad near the water feature. The oil-free design and a low RPM fan-cooled motor ensure quiet operation and a long life, backed by a 5-year limited warranty.

“We decided to add this line of EXT pumps to meet the growing consumer demand for external pumps commonly used in recreational style ponds,” says Dave Kelly, vice president of product development for Aquascape, Inc. “Pond contractors can now rely on Aquascape to meet the exact specifications needed for their large-scale projects requiring external pumps.”

The EXT Pump Plumbing Kit (#48027 sold separately) provides all the necessary fittings and valves to make the pump simple to install, prime, and operate. Once primed, the pump can be switched on and off without priming if water remains in the suction line. Look no further than the Aquascape EXT Pond Pump for water features requiring non-submersible, external pumps.