Aquascape Introduces Hands of the Artist – a Coffee Table Book for Every Water Feature Enthusiast

Aquascape, Inc. is pleased to introduce Hands of the Artist – a full-color, hardcover coffee table book with over 300 pages featuring stunning, hand-crafted Aquascape water features brought to you by Aquascape and our talented TRIBE of Certified Aquascape Contractors (CACs).

The book contains a carefully curated collection of water feature works from CACs around the world. Organized by region, readers can admire the collective artistry of the CAC network along with the stories, specs, and prices behind each project. Readers will leave with a new perspective of the investment required to create these unique paradises and how The Aquascape TRIBE brings these water features to life.

“Each Certified Aquascape Contractor highlighted in Hands of the Artist is someone I know personally. Aquascape is proud to partner with CACs from almost every continent on the globe, which is how we’re able to pool together such an incredible collection of water features in this book,” says Greg Wittstock, founder and CEO of Aquascape, Inc.  “I feel an overwhelming sense of pride in the breathtaking water features that were built with the Aquascape products, philosophies, and systems we introduced to the market.”

Hands of the Artist is a timeless keepsake that makes a perfect holiday gift for any water gardening enthusiast. Pre-order your copy now as availability is extremely limited, and future print runs are not guaranteed: Copies of the book will become available in mid-November. Other unique holiday gift ideas for the water gardening enthusiast from Aquascape include the Smart Pond Thermometer and color-changing LED lights.

Pond owners can now monitor their water feature’s temperature from anywhere at any time using the Smart Pond Thermometer. It affords peace of mind with real-time temperature readings to ensure your finned friends are faring well during cold winter months. Integration with the Smart Control App reminds pond owners when it’s safe to feed their fish and when to adjust water treatments for colder temperatures.

LED color-changing lights add personality to any water feature. Simply plug the lights into the Smart Control Hub (sold separately) and pair with the Aquascape Smart Control App to control the lights from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet. An impressive range of high-output colors can be seen even in dusk/early evening hours.