Aquascape Inc. Provides Essential Products for Winter Pond Season

Aquascape, Inc. is making this winter pond season worry-free with a pond de-icer, pond aeration kits, and the Smart Pond Thermometer (coming in 2021).

The Aquascape 300-Watt Pond De-Icer is ideal for preserving a small hole in the ice during freezing winter months and ensures proper gas exchange, which helps keep fish safe until spring. Operated by an internal thermostat, the de-icer warms only the water immediately around it to prevent ice from forming.  The stainless-steel construction prevents corrosion and cracking, providing years of trouble-free operation.

“The pond de-icer is a cost-efficient solution to make winter pond keeping easy. It helps ensure there are sufficient oxygen levels and proper gas exchange in the pond, helping to prevent fish loss even during extreme weather conditions,” says Dave Kelly, vice president of product development for Aquascape, Inc. “This product is a staple of pond winterization and costs five times less to operate than comparative pond de-icers.”

Aquascape pond aeration kits are ideal for winter use. They create much-needed oxygen for your fish and help to leave a hole in the ice for proper gas exchange. The included braided tubing in the Pro Air 20 and Pro Air 60 Aeration Kits are freeze-resistant, guaranteeing functionality in even the harshest climates. Depending on pond size, either kit is ideal for counteracting the depletion of oxygen caused by decaying debris.

The Aquascape Smart Pond Thermometer offers peace of mind for pond owners who want to monitor their water feature’s temperature from anywhere at any time using the Aquascape Smart Control App on a smartphone or tablet. Use real-time temperature data to adjust feeding schedules, change water treatments, and more. This product is available to pre-order for delivery in early 2021.