Aquascape Inc. Introduces New Product Offerings for 2021

Aquascape, Inc. is launching an innovative offering of products in 2021 to add another dimension to Living the Aquascape Lifestyle®. The latest additions to the product lineup include new fire and water options to create a magical and dynamic experience in the landscape.

The Fire and Water Spillway Bowl combines a familiar Aquascape fountain with an impressive flame center to create a showstopping element in any landscape. Similarly, the Fire and Water Stacked Slate Sphere takes the existing Aquascape decorative fountain and merges it with the same fire system. The Faux Stone Fire Pit brings warmth next to patios, ponds, and more. Constructed of glass fiber reinforced concrete, this realistic faux stone is built to last. Each of these products includes a push-button, Auto-Ignite Flame Control System, which works with either natural gas or propane.

Enhance any existing or new Aquascape basalt column with a Fire and Water 3-Piece Basalt Torch System. The durable brass torches include a Match-Lit Flame Control System for use with propane or natural gas. Propane tanks are easily hidden with the Aquascape Faux Stone Propane Tank Cover. New fire-related products will become available in March 2021 but can be pre-ordered online at

“The combination of water and fire in an outdoor living space is a sight to behold. We’re excited to bring this experience to our customers through our product line,” says Dave Kelly vice president of product development for Aquascape, Inc.

More new arrivals for 2021 include the Smart Pond Thermometer and the SLD 2000-5000 Adjustable Flow Pond Pump.

The Smart Pond Thermometer brings peace of mind to pond owners who want to supervise their water feature’s temperature from anywhere at any time using the Aquascape Smart Control App on a smartphone or tablet. Smart control features are also integrated with the SLD 2000-5000 Adjustable Flow Pond Pump. The included Smart Control Receiver offers quick and easy flow adjustments, as well as customized scheduling options using the Aquascape Smart Control App.

Other new additions based on customer insight and feedback include the Koi Sock Net and the Floating Swan Decoy.

The Koi Sock Net safely transfers and handles all types of pond fish. Made of a soft black mesh, the net prevents damage to fish fins and scales. The open-ended net allows fish to slowly head into the net headfirst for a clean transfer. The Floating Swan Decoy uses the lifelike appearance of a swan to keep pests like geese and herons at bay. An included anchor tab keeps the swan secure and in place for trouble-free operation.

New accessories and options for the popular AquaGarden Mini Pond Kit are also coming in 2021. The complete water garden setup will now come in a sleek, steel gray color along with an elegant stand to elevate the container for a better viewing angle. An outdoor-rated overhead plant light is another handy addition to provide ample light for aquatic plants in the upper filter. New non-fire related products will be available in January 2021.

Aquascape Fire and Water Spillway Bowl

Fire and Water Stacked Slate Sphere by Aquascape

Faux Stone Fire Pit by Aquascape