Aquascape Inc. Expands Operations to the UK

Aquascape Inc. expands operations to the UK, offering innovative pond supplies and ecosystem water features. Aquascape is proud to announce its expansion into the United Kingdom, furthering its mission to connect people to water the way nature intended.

Founded in 1991, Aquascape has been at the forefront of the water feature industry, providing top-quality, contractor-grade pond products, along with comprehensive training for contractors to create custom ecosystem water features.

Aquascape’s product offerings span from small self-contained mini ponds to recirculating fountains, Pondless® Waterfalls, ecosystem ponds of any size or shape, rainwater harvesting systems, wetland filtration, and recreational ponds.

“Aquascape is committed to working with nature and using environmentally friendly practices to install self-sustaining water features that ensure the preservation of wildlife in and around the features,” states Greg Wittstock, founder, and CEO of Aquascape. “Were unique in that we’re the only manufacturer of pond supplies that field tests products before going to market.”

For years, Aquascape has supplied products to contractors through UK distributors. In a significant step towards bolstering its presence in the UK, Aquascape recently established a dedicated infrastructure that includes a local distribution centre, dedicated staff, and tailored products and packaging for the UK market. Simultaneously, marketing efforts are being amplified to introduce UK consumers to the beauty and advantages of the Aquascape ecosystem philosophy of water features.

Aquascape has a growing network of Certified Aquascape Contractors in the UK, along with an increased presence of Aquascape ecosystem water features in homeowners’ gardens. Aquascape’s vision is to foster year-round interaction with nature, promoting individual well-being, building stronger communities, and contributing to a healthier planet.

To learn more about Aquascape’s expansion into the UK and its ecosystem approach to water feature products and installation, visit or call +442031293805.

Aquascape Catalog for the UK