Aquascape Fountain Pumps

Aquascape offers reliable fountain pumps in a range of flow rates.

Choosing a Fountain Pump

When selecting a fountain pump, you want to choose a reliable and efficient pump that you can count on for years of enjoyment. Aquascape offers two lines of fountain pumps in a range of flow rates: Ultra pumps and Statuary pumps. All of our fountain pumps come with a 3-year limited warranty.

Our Ultra fountain pumps range in flow rates from 400 gph up to 2000 gph and pair perfectly with any of our beautiful fountain toppers. An included flow control valve lets you dial up or turn down the amount of water flow. Ultra pumps can also be used in small ponds and waterfalls.

Aquascape Statuary pumps range in size from 70 gph to 320 gph and are perfect for small decorative spitters like our bamboo and polyresin options. Each pump has an included flow control so you can easily customize the flow of water running through your spitter.

If you have an existing fountain that needs a replacement pump, simply choose the same gph from our line of fountain pumps that matches your existing pump’s flow rate.

Fountain Pumps

For Use with Decorative Fountains and Spitters

Ultra Pump 2000

Ultra Water Pumps

Available in six models with maximum flow rates of
400 – 2,000 gph

  • Ideal for fountains and small external filters
  • Can be used in small ponds
  • Magnetically-driven motor technology
Pump Flow Chart - Ultra
ModelPurchaseMax Head Height0'2.5'5'7.5'10'12.5'15'17.5'20'

Statuary Water Pumps

Available in four models with maximum flow rates of
70 – 320 gph

  • Ideal for small fountains and ornamental spitters
  • Magnetically-driven motor technology

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