DIY Waterfall Kit

Enjoy the sight and sound of a beautiful waterfall in your landscape! Backyard waterfalls are simply a re-circulating waterfall or stream.

Tuck a small waterfall by the front door, nestle one by your backyard patio, or carve a meandering stream through your existing garden beds. Then enjoy the birds and butterflies that come to visit!

How to Build a Backyard Waterfall

Enjoy the sight and sound of running water in your backyard by installing a backyard waterfall using Aquascape’s DIY Backyard Waterfall kit. Your new garden water feature will be your favorite feature in your landscape!

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Tips for Building an Amazing Waterfall!

Not only do waterfalls provide melodious tunes for the garden, but they provide necessary aeration to keep your ecosystem pond functioning and looking its best.


7 Beautiful Backyard Waterfall Ideas

Pond lovers have spoken in our latest water gardening survey and the aspect of pondering you find most appealing is … the sound! The playful rippling of water cascading over rocks is soothing and helps you relax at the end of a hectic day. Not onl


How a Pondless Waterfall Created an Outdoor Retreat

Newlyweds living in the suburbs of Chicago yearned for an entire backyard makeover after moving into their first home together.

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Waterfalls: The Perfect Abode for Moss

In the splash zone around cascading waterfalls, a fine mist dances through the air … perfect for nourishing a verdant carpet of moss. Moss lends an earthy element to a new water feature, making it look as though the pond and waterfalls have been there..


The Sound of Waterfalls

Waterfalls add delightful sound to the garden and can be customized for your listening pleasure. If you live near busy traffic, you might want a grand waterfall to drown out the noise of cars rushing by.