Automatic Dosing System

Keep your water feature clean and clear with the revolutionary Automatic Dosing System for ponds, waterfalls, and fountains.

Aquascape Automatic Dosing System

The Automatic Dosing System (ADS) is an electronically-operated dispenser that accurately and consistently applies your choice of specially-formulated water treatments to your water feature. The automatic dosing process eliminates the guesswork and routine associated with adding water treatments manually. You no longer need to remember to add beneficial bacteria or other elements to your pond. The Automatic Dosing System does it for you!

Simple Solutions Water Treatments
For Ponds, Waterfalls, and Fountains

Aquascape Simple Solutions water treatments are the easy way to keep water features clean, clear, and healthy. Maintain your water feature by tackling most water quality and clarity issues with our line of easy-to-use water treatments and products.

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Features of the Automatic Dosing System

Automatic Dosing System Features









Water Feature Size Indication

Indicates how many gallons of water are contained in the feature.


Increase/Decrease Application

Easily adjusted to precisely suit water feature size, automatically adding the correct amount of treatment.


X2 Button

Doubles the dosage for new features, problem features, or after a cleaning. When held, the button will automatically prime the system for newly installed water treatment pouches.


6' Discharge Tubing

Allows you to easily add water treatments directly into your skimmer, pond, waterfall vault or decorative water feature.


Energy Efficient

Powered by an included 6-Watt transformer.


Multiple Installation Options

Can be mounted vertically to a post using the included mounting plate or partially buried in the ground.


Output Hose Holder

Secures the discharge tubing to plumbing or other round surfaces when installed into a pond or fountain.

Included Water Treatments

The Automatic Dosing System comes in two styles to get you started …

Automatic Dosing System
for Ponds

Maintain for Ponds

Ideal for use with ponds and water gardens.


Automatic Dosing System
for Pondless® Waterfalls and Fountains

Prevent for Fountains

Ideal for use with fountains and Pondless® Waterfalls

Available Water Treatments for Ponds

1Maintain for Ponds

Uses a combination of beneficial bacteria, enzymes and a powerful phosphate binder to reduce pond maintenance and maintain optimum water quality resulting in a crystal-clear maintenance free pond.

2Clean for Ponds

Reduces organic waste caused by fish waste, uneaten fish food, leaves and debris that fall into the pond. Keeping ponds free from organic debris helps optimize water clarity and quality. Aquascape Clean contains a powerful combination of sludge eating bacteria and enzymes.

3Clear for Ponds

Controlling water quality can be difficult and possibly harmful to fish and plants if done incorrectly. Aquascape Clear can now be added to the pond slowly and consistently reducing issues caused when shock treating the pond with a single treatment.

4Protect for Ponds

Made from natural plant extracts chosen for their natural healing properties that will reduce fish stress, prevent parasites and bacterial infections.

Available Water Treatments for Fountains

1Prevent for Fountains

Formulated to prevent stains, scale, and unsightly water conditions in fountains, Pondless waterfalls, and other water features that do not contain fish. Prevent for Fountains is safe for birds and animals that may drink from the fountain.

2Clean for Fountains

Formulated to clean fountains, Pondless waterfalls, and other water features that do not contain fish.

Installation Options

Mounting Plate

In Gound

Automatic Dosing System for Ponds Application

Directly into Skimmer

Directly into Pond

Automatic Dosing System for Pondless® Waterfalls and Fountains Application

Directly into a Waterfall Vault

Directly into a Decorative Water Feature Basin

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