Cutting Through the Misinformation
Water gardening is an old hobby that today, is the hottest trend in landscaping, nationwide. Radical changes in product development and design concepts have converged to make today’s water gardens the most beautiful, ecologically friendly, and low maintenance water features in history. However, to capitalize on the latest design trends and product advancements, you need to have a blueprint to follow for water garden success. As with any exploding industry, like water gardening is right now, misinformation and conflicting advice run rampant. This guide and owner’s manual is designed to cut through the confusion and become your blueprint for success in the water gardening hobby.

You have two routes to take when getting into this hobby. The traditional do-it-yourself track, or the hiring of a landscape or water gardening professional to do it for you. This magazine contains the blueprints for both avenues.

Working with Mother Nature
The Aquascape™ products and plans are designed for the weekend warrior tackling a water garden project, and the AquascapePRO™ products are designed and constructed for professionals or serious water gardeners. Both products and systems are designed to do one thing – create ponds that work with Mother Nature, and not against her. Only by doing that, can you truly have a beautiful, natural, and low maintenance water feature to enjoy. As you see when you flip through these pages, there’s a boatload of products and information to help you succeed and enjoy the water garden lifestyle.

Inspiring and Educational
When you take the plunge with water gardening, be sure to visit www.aquascapeinc.com, a web site that contains articles on container water gardens, seasonal maintenance, installation tips, and much more! While you’re there, click on the “Newsletter” link to sign up for Pondside Monthly and receive free tips and articles in your e-mailbox each month.

All these resources ensure one thing: There is a plan to cut through the confusion, and once you get your water feature, there’s going to be consistent and up-to-date support to help you enjoy your new hobby.

You Deserve It!
Don’t you deserve your own piece of paradise to come home to each day? Take the plunge and join the millions of “pondaholics” who are already enjoying the hottest trend in landscaping today!

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