The Pond Squad

Our fearless crew is out and about in hopes of educating you on the benefits and features of water gardening. Through their videos, the Pond Squad makes it simple to learn how to maintain and improve your water feature so you can spend more time enjoying it, and less time taking care of it! Won't you join The Pond Squad on their mission to beautify our wonderful world?
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Dave Kelly - the "Tech Guy"
Dave Kelly, aka the "Tech Guy" fills you in on all the latest and greatest water gardening tips and tricks. From troubleshooting pond issues to maintaining water quality, Dave makes it easy to understand how your pond works and how you can improve its performance.

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the Pond Squad
Scott Rhodes - the "Product Guy"
Scott Rhodes, the illustrious "Product Guy" showcases all the must-have products, in addition to a few non-essential items that leave you wanting more. Although he's not highly fond of being video-taped, Scott is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to all things water gardening. You don't want to miss anything he has to say.

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the Pond Squad
Ed Beaulieu- the "Conservation Guy"
Ed Beaulieu, our resident "Conservation Guy" is passionate about our environment and isn't shy about sharing his wealth of knowledge. Ed can take a complex issue and break it down into simple solutions that anyone can incorporate right where they live. What are you waiting for? It's time to "go green" with Ed!

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the Pond Squad

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