Pondemonium® 2014

August 18th - 23rd

Are you ready to reach for the stars? Then there’s one event you can’t afford to miss … Pondemonium® 2014, the water garden industry’s premier educational and networking event!

This year, we not only have the inspiring Pondemonium you’ve come to know and love, but we’ve added “Foreman Training Days” for those who are new to water features or haven’t previously attended Pondemonium.

Standard Pondemonium® Days

The stars align August 21st-23rd for Pondemonium, offering you a wealth of knowledge through educational and networking sessions with fellow pond builders and retailers from around the world!

  • Attend classroom sessions taught by leading experts
  • Gain valuable hands-on training at Build-a-Pond events
  • Network with hundreds of successful pond builders and retailers
  • Learn cutting-edge construction techniques
  • Hear about up-and-coming water garden products
  • Explore the latest marketing techniques to increase sales
  • Grow your knowledge of business and finance operations
  • Gain new friendships and have some fun!

You don’t want to miss this fun and educational event! Register today.

NEW!! Foreman Training Days 2014

If you’re new to Pondemonium® … or new to installing or retailing water features, then Foreman Training Days are made-to-order just for you! Join us August 18th-20th where you’ll learn from the best-of-the-best in the pond industry as you attend a full day of classroom workshops, and get your hands dirty with a full day of hands-on pond construction sessions. We treat you to an inspiring pond tour on the third day where you’ll visit a variety of beautiful water features in the Chicago area.

What’s more … on Monday evening we serve you dinner at the home of Greg Wittstock, founder and CEO of Aquascape, Inc. You’ll meet several members of the Aquascape team while dining and exploring the one-acre pond at the Wittstock residence.

Register today to learn how to succeed and prosper with Aquascape water features!


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