DIY Backyard Ponds

Imagine stepping outside to a refreshing backyard pond where the stress of the world slips from your shoulders. Watch colorful fish dart in and out of lily pads graced with beautiful blooms in a sea of color. You'll enjoy getting lost in your private paradise as you're soothed by the melodic sounds of the waterfall.

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How to Build a Backyard Pond

See how easy it is to transform your outdoor living space with the Aquascape DIY Backyard Pond Kit! Your pond maintenance is greatly reduced when you use an ecosystem approach to create your garden water feature using an easy-to-install kit.

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Types of Water Features

Ecosystem Pond Approach

An ecosystem pond works with Mother Nature to provide food, shelter, and safety to the wildlife around it.


Pond Owner's Handbook

Pond Owner's Handbook

To capitalize on the latest design trends and product advancements, you need to have a blueprint to follow for water garden success.


Tips for building Amazing Waterfalls

Tips for Building an Amazing Waterfall

Not only do waterfalls provide melodious tunes for the garden, but they provide necessary aeration to keep your ecosystem pond functioning and looking its best.


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Article | Pleasures of Pond Fish

Pleasures of Pond Fish

Not only do fish play an important role in the ecosystem of a pond, they also make great outdoor pets.


Article | Every Deck Needs a Pond

Every Deck Needs a Pond

Your deck needs a view. Why not turn it into waterfront property by installing a water garden of your very own?


Before and After Photos

Pond Before and After Photos

Explore photos of lifeless backyards transformed into beautiful backyard paradises.


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