7 Tips to Keep Pond Water Clean

Most water gardeners are aware of the importance good quality water plays in a pond habitat. Not knowing how to get or keep water quality can prove challenging to some pond owners. Your water may be perfectly clear, but your fish may not be acting...

Tips for a Healthy Summertime Pond

Backyard Pond by Patio in Toronto With summertime temps reaching their peak across the nation the past couple weeks, it's a good idea to make sure your pond isn't becoming troublesome.

The Sound of Waterfalls

Sights and Sounds of Waterfalls Waterfalls add delightful sound to the garden and can be customized for your listening pleasure. If you live near busy traffic, you might want a grand waterfall to drown out the noise of cars rushing by.

The Secret to Achieving a Crystal Clear, Trouble-Free Pond

The Secret to Achieving a Crystal Clear, Trouble-Free Pond You may have just spent your weekend cleaning your pond or having your pond contractor do it for you. A couple of days weeks pass, and you notice an incredible growth of algae. Not again, you screech to yourself.

Understanding Your Pond Water

water101 - Aquascape Ammonia levels, nutrients, oxygen, and alkalinity - the list can baffle you whether you are new to ponds, or if you have been a long time pond owner. Everyone tells you something different.

UV Clarifiers VS. UV Sterilizers

UV Clarifier UV clarifiers and UV sterilizers: Two terms that are commonly heard in the world of water gardening and sometimes are surrounded by a veil of mystery and disapproval.

Barley Straw, Barely Algae

Go into most retail stores that carry water garden supplies and you 'll find a dizzying array of products designed to reduce, eliminate, and kill algae. Some state that they are eco-friendly, while others are labeled,

Tackle Water Clarity Problems

Aquascape Rapid Clear Let's face it. Cloudy or discolored pond water just isn't pretty. You can clear it up quickly and easily using Aquascape Rapid Clear, a plant and fish friendly flocculent.

The Nitrogen Cycle - Demystified

Aquascape Ecosystem Pond You’ve got a pond and you know it’s important to include a good balance of aquatic plants and fish in your water garden. You also know some basic maintenance is important too, like removing decaying leaves in the fall or cleaning the pond in t

Top 10 Methods to Balance Your Ecosystem Pond

Aquascape Ecosystem Pond Use some of these top 10 methods to keep your ecosystem pond balanced and clean.
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