How to Keep Your Summer Pond Healthy

Summer Pond with Koi Your summer pond's water temperature might feel just right to you as you dip your toes into it after a long day of work. But once the water temperature rises above 80 Fº, you may run into problems.

Springtime Pond Changes

Aquascape Ecosystem Pond Now that spring is here, you're probably noticing some changes in your pond - your fish are coming back to life and you may even be able to see some plant growth.

8 Spring Maintenance Tips for Your Pond

Backyard Pond and Waterfall Spring is here and it’s time to get a little maintenance done on your pond. These maintenance tips take little time and effort and can help prevent future problems from arising throughout the pond season.

Caring for Your Pond during Winter

Aquascape Winter Pond Caring for your pond during the winter months can mean different things, depending on where you live.

Winter Fish Care Tips

Winter Pond - Fish Care Fish are often the main reason that people choose to have a pond installed in their yard. People aren’t likely to sit and watch their tulips blow in the breeze for hours on end, but a pond owner will most definitely gaze upon their fish for extended

Caring for Aquatic Plants in the Fall

Caring for Aquatic Plants in the Fall - Aquascape As with terrestrial, perennial plants, dropping temperatures signal your hardy aquatic plants to prepare for their winter dormancy.

Our Best Tips for Fall and Winter Pond Maintenance

Fall and Winter Pond Maintenance - Collage Have you ever noticed that your pond water is clearer in the fall? This is typically due to cooler temperatures and full, lush plants. To keep your pond looking its best through the fall season, follow our helpful tips for this time of year.

Keep Your Pond Free of Leaves

Bursts of red, gold and orange in the trees signify an important event for pond owners... it's time to do a little fall maintenance in your water garden.

Troubleshooting Your Pond Pump

Aquascape Pump Diagram Your pond pump is one of the most important pieces of equipment in your pond, so why not learn how to take care of it properly?

7 Tips to Keep Pond Water Clean

Most water gardeners are aware of the importance good quality water plays in a pond habitat. Not knowing how to get or keep water quality can prove challenging to some pond owners. Your water may be perfectly clear, but your fish may not be acting...

Tips for a Healthy Summertime Pond

Backyard Pond by Patio in Toronto With summertime temps reaching their peak across the nation the past couple weeks, it's a good idea to make sure your pond isn't becoming troublesome.

Help Your Pond Beat the Summer Heat

Enjoying a Summer Pond Record high temperatures across the nation create a number of challenges for people, pets, plants, and yes, even your water garden.
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