For the Birds

Cardinal In winter, water can be hard for birds to find, especially during long spells without snow. When forced to eat snow for their moisture, their body must work to warm it up.

How to Deter Visiting Pond Predators

Predator Tip There are many predators that love to hunt fish. And when we give them shiny gold targets to go for, it makes their jobs even easier.

Leap Into Fall

You've got the water, you've got the plants, you've got the fish, but something just doesn't seem right in your aquatic paradise. Something seems to be missing ... something that made every childhood vision of a lily pad complete.

The Wildlife Parade

bird1 - Aquascape Some people plant bushes and flowers to attract butterflies. Some people buy bird feeders. Some people install crazy contraptions to lure frogs and toads into their yards. It sounds like a whole lot of work when a simple water garden can bring the best...

Flying Jewels In Your Garden

hummingbird Attracting the seemingly elusive hummingbird can be easy if you know a little about this lovely creature.

Helping Frogs Survive the Winter Months

In the winter, frogs are attracted to water and they will even over-winter in your pond.

Acrobatic Artistry

He circled the pond not once, not twice, but a dizzying number of times. He hovered for a moment before descending upon a flat, sun-soaked rock and rested as though posing for a still-life painting. The dragonfly claimed his territory and was prepared to

Fun and Fascinating Frog Facts

There are over 6,000 types of frogs that can be found leaping just about anywhere in the world. So how much do you think you know about this widely abundant species?

The Winged Wildlife Living In and Around Your Pond

Dragonfly on flower - Aquascape Way back in your sophomore year of college you failed your one and only class in entomology, the study of bugs. You and your friends always laughed and...

It's Not Easy Being Green

Frog on Rock Since the dawn of time, the life cycle of the animal kingdom has fascinated people of all ages. The same people that followed the neighborhood cat around, waiting for a litter of kittens to appear are now paleontologists, researching the earliest animal..

Making Your Pond Bird-Friendly

Cardinal on Fountain - Aquascape Fresh, non-stagnant water during a dry summer is a must-have for the birds in your neighborhood, so why not be the gracious host that can provide them with a cool drink?
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