How to Deter Visiting Pond Predators

Predator Tip There are many predators that love to hunt fish. And when we give them shiny gold targets to go for, it makes their jobs even easier.

How Many Fish Can You Add to Your Pond?

How Many Fish Can You Add to Your Pond? Too many fish in the pond creates an imbalance in water, so you'll want to make sure you’re smart about the number and size of fish that you place in the water garden.

Tackling Common Koi Myths

Dealing With Fish Fear and Koi Myths One of the biggest reasons many people get a water garden is so they can have fish. Don't let the fears and myths of owning fish keep you from getting a few of your own finned friends for your water garden. Take a look below as we crack some commonly...

The Ultimate Backyard Oasis

Ultimate Backyard Oasis Close your eyes for a moment and envision your idea of the perfect backyard. What would it include?

Aquatic Plant Beauties

Nothing boasts summer like a bright, Yellow Snowflake. Summer has officially began! Your aquatic plants are looking healthy and beautiful. You may be considering adding more plants this summer but need help deciding on which ones would fit your water garden best. Here are a few favorites that may help you...

From Landscape to Waterscape

BEFORE: Hundreds of thousands of yards look just like this one. Lots of green grass, a fence for privacy, a shed for tools, a patio for outdoor dining, and a shrub or two. People love before and after photos ... an ugly duckling turned swan. I like to think this is because a positive transformation touches on something personal to each and every one of us.

Outdoor Spaces: A "Peace" of Paradise

Placing your water garden near your house allows you to hear your waterfall through open doors and windows With the financial stress of today's economy, we could all use a little "peace" of paradise to calm our nerves and lift our spirits. Investing in a small (or large) water feature is truly an investment in your health.

Designing Your Dream Pond

Spilling waterfalls with colorful flowers and swimming koi fish Attention to pond design details will make a water garden truly fabulous.

6 Groundcovers for Pond Pathways

Thymus-Elfin You’re one of the lucky ones! You have a beautiful backyard that’s graced with a refreshing pond that soothes your soul and invites critters and humans alike to enjoy. Since you spend a lot of time in and around your pond, you need a...

10 Tips for Buying Healthy Fish

10 Tips for Buying Healthy Fish Adding life to your pond provides a whole new element to the overall experience of owning a water feature. Will you add some colorful koi, or opt for another type of pond fish like shubunkins or sarassas?

NEW! Spillway Bowl

The Aquascape Spillway Bowl creates a beautiful spilling water feature that can be added to any pond or pool creating an instant waterfall. Inspired by our own construction crew, the Aquascape Spillway Bowl, Basin and Stand allows for an unlimited amount of installation possibilities.

Gazebos and Water Gardens: A Match Made in Heaven

A garden bench tucked inside a pondside cottage gazebo If I moved into a new house and were granted 2 wishes for the landscape, I would choose a water garden and a gazebo. Both remind me of a fairy tale garden ... or the type of garden you'll see in Heaven.
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