5 Critical Tips for the Summer Pond Season

5 Critical Tips As we approach the dog days of summer there are things that you need to remember about your water feature in order to keep a balanced ecosystem pond along with happy fish! Take a moment to refresh your memory with these 5 critically important tips.

How to Care for Marginal Plants

Creeping Jenny Marginal plants are simply the aquatic plants found growing around the edges, or margins, of your water garden.

7 Tips to Keep Pond Water Clean

Most water gardeners are aware of the importance good quality water plays in a pond habitat. Not knowing how to get or keep water quality can prove challenging to some pond owners. Your water may be perfectly clear, but your fish may not be acting...

Freshen Up Your Landscape with a Fountain

How to Install an Aquascape Fountain Call to mind your favorite vacation spot or shopping center. Chances are they possess some type of water feature to attract and captivate you.

Now Anyone Can Enjoy a Water Garden!

Patio Pond Set-Up Infographic Aquascape Aquatic Patio Ponds make it easy to have a water garden anywhere!

Tips for a Healthy Summertime Pond

Backyard Pond by Patio in Toronto With summertime temps reaching their peak across the nation the past couple weeks, it's a good idea to make sure your pond isn't becoming troublesome.

Butterfly Koi: Basic Facts to Know

Butterfly Koi in an Aquascape Pond In certain circles, when you mention butterfly koi it's like speaking out of turn in an audience with the Pope. You just don't do this. Quite a few of the koi connoisseurs think of butterfly koi as

Landscape Edging Ideas for Water Features

Aquascape Ecosystem Pond When it comes to designing a water feature for your yard, it's important to naturalize its appearance so it looks like it's been carved into the landscape for years. An easy way to make your pond look like it fits in with the surroundings is to pay carefu

Help Your Pond Beat the Summer Heat

Enjoying a Summer Pond Record high temperatures across the nation create a number of challenges for people, pets, plants, and yes, even your water garden.

Why Choose Tropical Water Lilies

Tropical Water Lilies in Aquascape Pond Tropical water lilies are referred to as “tropicals” because of their dislike for cold weather. Like annual plants in your garden beds, tropical water lilies die off in the winter and need to be replaced the following pond season. Even so, the

7 Tips for Planting Your Pond

7 Tips for Planting Your Pond From colorful water lilies that dance on the pond’s surface to aquatic Forget-Me-Nots that hug the edges of your water garden, it’s the amazing pond plants that put the “garden” in “water garden.” You can apply many of

Front Yard Water Features: Boost Your Curb Appeal

Front Yard Water Features You've probably seen breathtaking photos of backyard ponds bobbing with colorful water lilies, and maybe you've been lucky enough to see one in person or even have one of your own. But why limit beautiful water features to the backyard?
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