Greg Wittstock featured in The Shield

Greg Wittstock on Cover of The Shield It was a great honor for Greg when he appeared in his fraternity's quarterly newsletter, The Shield.

The Magnetic Attraction of Water

enjoy pond - Aquascape Bob and Martha Loughman are water lovers. They're also naturalists who are more comfortable in the midst of Mother Nature than in the midst of modern technology. Bob and Martha used to have a vacation home located on Lake Michigan.

10 Tips for Fall Pond Care

Fall Pond Care Tips Pond maintenance chores in the fall and winter vary depending on where you live, but there are some basic guidelines to help your aquatic plants and finned friends weather the chill of Mother Nature.

Winter Pump Care

Winter Pump Care Take precautions to care for your water garden pump properly to lengthen its life.

How to Improve Our Altered Environment

Altered-Environment Without fertile soils, clean drinking water, healthy forests, and a stable climate, the world's economy would face disaster. An altered environment will imperil the economy.

How to Add Fish to a New Pond

Fish-transport-Aquascape When adding fish to a new pond or after a cleanout or complete water change, it's best to wait a minimum of 72 hours for the water chemistry and temperature of the pond to stabilize. Make sure to add a double dose of Aquascape Pond Detoxifier...

Adding Bacteria to Your Pond in the Fall

Cold-Water-Bacteria To keep your pond water clean and clear throughout the fall season, be sure to stock up on Aquascape Cold Water Beneficial Bacteria.

Preparing for Cooler Temperatures

fall pond When fall comes knocking on our door, we usually welcome the crisp, cool air and beautiful fall foliage.

Leap Into Fall

You've got the water, you've got the plants, you've got the fish, but something just doesn't seem right in your aquatic paradise. Something seems to be missing ... something that made every childhood vision of a lily pad complete.

Caring for Aquatic Plants in the Fall

Caring for Aquatic Plants in the Fall - Aquascape As with terrestrial, perennial plants, dropping temperatures signal your hardy aquatic plants to prepare for their winter dormancy.

A User-Friendly Guide to Fixing Leaks

Pond and Waterfall Is there a leak in your pond, or are your frogs drinking all the water?

Aquascape Staff To Star In New Nat Geo WILD Series POND STARS

Pond Stars Transform Backyards - Aquascape Watch Backyards and Community Spaces Transform Into Tranquil Retreats
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