The Sound of Waterfalls

Fallen logs are strategically placed to make this stream appear as though it's been part of the landscape for tens of years. Waterfalls add delightful sound to the garden and can be customized for your listening pleasure. If you live near busy traffic, you might want a grand waterfall to drown out the noise of cars rushing by.

White in the Water Garden

A pair of white waterlilies rest atop a cool pond, one fully open and the other just awakening. While everyone loves the pop of a pink lotus or violet waterlily, have you ever considered adding whimsical white to your water garden?

Pleasures of Pond Fish

An Eskimo Kiss is shared over a trickle of fish food pellets. Fish play an important role in the nitrogen cycle of an ecosystem pond. Not only do fish dine on algae, but they provide a beautiful flash of color as they glide in and out of waterlilies.

Every Deck Needs a Pond

The owners of this deck enjoy a view of a meandering stream that spills into a pond by their lower level patio. If you're like most Americans, you probably have a deck, patio, or balcony where you can enjoy the great outdoors from the privacy of your own home. You kick your feet up in your Adirondack chair and enjoy the summer breeze blowing through your hair...

Treating Common Fish Illness

Treating Common Fish Illness If you plan on keeping fish, you should be prepared to care for them when they get sick.

Ponds Aren't Just for Fish

Water gardens pull kids outside, away from the TV and video games. Baby, it's hot outside! If you're one of the lucky souls who has their own water garden, you can easily take advantage of its cooling magic during the dog days of summer.

Tips for Building an Amazing Waterfall!

Aquascape Backyard Waterfall & Plants Not only do waterfalls provide melodious tunes for the garden, but they provide necessary aeration to keep your ecosystem pond functioning and looking its best.

How to Deter Visiting Pond Predators

Predator Tip There are many predators that love to hunt fish. And when we give them shiny gold targets to go for, it makes their jobs even easier.

How Many Fish Can You Add to Your Pond?

How Many Fish Can You Add to Your Pond? Too many fish in the pond creates an imbalance in water, so you'll want to make sure you’re smart about the number and size of fish that you place in the water garden.

Tackling Common Koi Myths

Dealing With Fish Fear and Koi Myths One of the biggest reasons many people get a water garden is so they can have fish. Don't let the fears and myths of owning fish keep you from getting a few of your own finned friends for your water garden. Take a look below as we crack some commonly...

The Ultimate Backyard Oasis

Ultimate Backyard Oasis Close your eyes for a moment and envision your idea of the perfect backyard. What would it include?

Aquatic Plant Beauties

Nothing boasts summer like a bright, Yellow Snowflake. Summer has officially began! Your aquatic plants are looking healthy and beautiful. You may be considering adding more plants this summer but need help deciding on which ones would fit your water garden best. Here are a few favorites that may help you...
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