Small Ponds Pack a Punch

Boulders create focal points in small ponds, softened by aquatic plants. If you're under the mistaken impression that a pond simply won't fit in your yard ... think again! Ponds come in a variety of shapes and sizes and their versatility is what makes them such a great addition to your landscape ...

Bridge Over Un-Troubled Waters

Bridge over backyard pond with koi A bridge signifies a journey ... over something ... to another place. In the landscape, a bridge is an open invitation to come and explore. When that bridge transcends water, the explorer lingers to enjoy the view of the rippling stream, cascading...

8 Spring Maintenance Tips for Your Pond

Pond after clean out Spring is here and it’s time to get a little maintenance done on your pond. These maintenance tips take little time and effort and can help prevent future problems from arising throughout the pond season.

Koi Ponds - For the Child in Us All

Deck and Patio Koi Pond Growing up, I was what they call today a ‘free-range’ kid. Like most children back then, I was free to explore the outdoors on my own and interact with nature. Things are different today. Parents and child caretakers are far more cautious...

Does a Water Feature Improve the Value of Your Home?

The whole family can enjoy a water feature What is the value of a water feature? This might be a question you ask yourself before contacting your local pond builder to install a beautiful pond or waterfall in your yard. The true value can be very difficult to quantify as it's similar to other...

The Healing Power of Water Features

Falling Water has restorative and therapeutic health benefits Did you know there's a scientific reason why a shower feels so refreshing? It's the same reason why people flock to lakes, oceans, and waterfalls for vacations.

The Lovely Lotus

Nelumbo Assorted Lotus Is there any other aquatic plant as beautiful or graceful as the lovely lotus? It belongs to the genus Nelumbo and consists of only two species.

What's Outside Your Window?

Rather than put the patio next to the sliding door, the water garden was brought up close, with a charming walkway stretching across the pond. Everyone wants a room with a view, right? If your landscape is lacking when you look out your window, you can always spruce up your yard. Or better yet ...

Waterfalls: The Perfect Abode for Moss

Climatis winds its way around the waterfall rocks In the splash zone around cascading waterfalls, a fine mist dances through the air ... perfect for nourishing a verdant carpet of moss. Moss lends an earthy element to a new water feature, making it look as though the pond and waterfalls have been there..

Outdoor Dining by the Pond

Outdoor Dining by the Pond Dining outdoors is a refreshing experience, especially when you have friends, family, a beloved pet, and a beautiful view of a pond filled with koi and waterlilies!

Come Set a Spell

Lush greenery and a soothing water garden help cool the climate A charming bench awaits your company. It's calling your name, beckoning you to make time for yourself and drink in the view of the peaceful water garden. You answer the call and set a spell while the stress of the world slides from your shoulders.

Pond Paradise in the Backyard

 Just outside the patio door is a stunning fireplace and flagstone patio that cozies up to a small waterfall and pond. Comfortable seating provides a great place for relaxing well into the evening. Some might view a wooded, sloping lot as a landscaper's design challenge. But when you incorporate water, the solution is quite simple. Work with the natural slope of the yard to create stunning waterfalls, and create twists and turns around trees...
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