Kindergarten Wisdom You Can Take to the Bank

college kids When the 'free sample' guy offers you a choice between smoked turkey or honey ham, engaging in a deep conversation about future life plans is probably the last thing on his mind. Though, with 10 people in front of me at the deli counter on a Sunday after

Who Needs a Watch These Days Anyway?!

Who Needs a Watch These Days Anyway?! If you want to know how valuable Chris Wilson is to me without my

Cole Weede

cole1 I convinced this graduating senior to give up his plans to attend college at Iowa State University to study environmental science. Instead, he is now taking a job working at Aquascape. If Cole was your son would you be disappointed? Before you answer, and

Nature vs Nurture

I've come to the conclusion neither of my boys will be following in my footsteps with their career paths. Yesterday my youngest spent 5.5 hours working on spring clean up in the yard. As proud as I was to see him doing physical labor outside, something I

Don't Swallow the Bait

goldfish Don't Swallow the Bait My organization and I were recently tarred and feathered in the court of public opinion on social media. Sadly, it was just the latest in a long line of incidents dating back to the late 90's when I first read falsities in trade pu

A Champion Cabo Couple

cabo A Champion Cabo Couple As beautiful as this picture is, it doesn't come close to capturing the internal beauty of our precious friends the Noriega's. There's a whole other side of Cabo San Lucas MX that most never see. It's there though, in the alley beh

Star Teachers Build Star Pupils!

mr pahl Star Teachers Build Star Pupils! Last week I "taught" three high school classes. When I posted where I was at our Construction Accountant commented that "Mr. Pahl was one of her all time favorite teachers!" On Presidents Day Mr. Pahl made a surprise vis

When the Student Was Ready, The Teacher Arrived

MR PAHL "When the Student Was Ready, The Teacher Arrived" "It's easy to get kids to read a book and take a test. It's more challenging to get kids engaged in the world!" Larry Pahl High School Civics teacher I'm a man of passions and appreciate others who have

The Greatest Coach Ever?!

GOAT COACH The Greatest Coach Ever?! I know very little about woman's basketball but a lot more about it's unarguably Greatest Of All Time (G.O.A.T.) Coach. Geno Auriemma the Head Coach of the UConn Huskies will be trying to coach his team tonight to its one hundr

What Kick A** Looks Like!

WAITRESS What Kick A** Looks Like! When you're up at 3am in order to get to work by 4 and are full of energy and good cheer pouring me a cup of coffee at 6 you're kick ass in my book! I've been coming to the same conference in York PA for 5 years and I look forw

Change Your World by Changing Your Thermostat!

Mcdonalds Change Your World by Changing Your Thermostat! I just saw the movie


prichard My Hero! What do Sylvester Stallone, Will Smith, and William Shatner aka "Captain Kirk" have in common with Dr. Peter Pritchard?! All of them have an Aquascape Pond of course! Well...Dr. Pritchard will actually be joining this elite group of dignitaries
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