Be A GOOD Coach

BOYS If I didn't find my calling as The Pond Guy it most certainly would have been working in some capacity with kids. I love kids! Blake 15 and Jack 16 both remind me of myself when I was their ages. They've built their own personal ponds and found their way

Make Your Time Here Count

marc It was the 4th of July, he was on vacation with his family, out kayaking with his wife when he yelled he couldn't breath before slumping over. His wife thought he was just goofing around with her. It was the last words he ever spoke. Marc Abbatacola was

What Kind of Ship are you Captaining?!

CAR When I was younger and less wise I kept a safety deposit box for the projects I did for cash. The "safety" deposit box kept the money hidden from "Uncle Sam" but not from my self-entitled General Manager. He decided on a whim that he deserved a Porsche.

The "Stream" Less Traveled

Maybe it's because I too turned my hobby into a career that I'm so excited to see the journey this young man is on! I've literally known Austin his whole life and been nothing short of amazed and impressed with his singular passion for fishing. Reminds me

The End Is Near!

The combustion engine that revolutionized transportation and transformed our society is officially giving way to the electric motor. Elon Musk of TESLA went out on a limb, put his money where his mouth was, and out innovated, out hustled, and out thought

Of Diplomas and Resumes

HAIRCUT So, I'm getting my hair cut and the topic of the stylist's minimum-wage employed daughters comes up. They are both in their 20s and working in the fast-food industry. My stylist is lamenting about how they've sent out "thousands" of resumes but can't find

Hurting People Hurts Others

SHOOTER The latest in a long and never-ending line of hatred was on display when a shooter took out his uncontrolled rage at a bunch of high profile strangers playing softball. Five were injured and the shooter is dead. What a waste Broken people try to break o

Family and Friends - Now and in the End

JAIME I spent yesterday with friends. We came together to rally around a mutual friend fighting stage 4 cancer. He prayed he would have "a good day" and be able to hang with all of us... He did Here's the thing that gives me chills (again) as I write this. H

They Don't Make 'em Like They Used To!

gary I thought of titling this "Old Guys Rule," but realized doing so would probably get me in trouble again with H.R. 😂 For the vast majority of jobs, the reality is age is nothing but a number when it comes to performance. For 30 years, Gary Gronwick

The Hardest Job that Requires the Most Help

Life's Lessons Sadly, as we see far too often, not every man who has children is worthy of being called a father. For those of us who do strive to be good Dads, we've learned every kid is different and not a single one comes with an operating manual!


STOOGES "When you hang out with winners, you become a winner, when you hang out with melons, you become a grapefruit" -Rocky My son had a friend who got Expelled from his private high school this week. Apparently there were some inappropriate texts between his b

A Huge Smile and a Warm Embrace

SECURITY At the age of 74, most people are happy just kicking back in front of the boob tube. The last thing they'd choose to be doing is taking the overnight shift guarding a bunch of inventory. Though that's exactly what my friend Jim does every year for us at
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