What I Wish He Would Have Said

What I Wish He Would Have Said I wish these were the first (and last) words out Trumps mouth last night. And yes...I've always been a dreamer! "Lester...I know you want me to talk about what I said about the Iraq War, why I pursued, ad nausea, finding


Bill He Was 77, I Was 27 The first time I visited England was 1997. It changed me. I came home a different man. I've had mentors my whole life. I owe much of my success to others who took the time to pour into me. I was wise enough to just listen to what the

Coach Rex

coach rex Last night I was honored to be able to speak to the Naperville North Football Fellowship of Christian Athletes. FCA and Football were the two most powerful experiences that shaped me as a person during high school and in many ways to this day. Neither wo

The Pond Mom and the Leadership Boot Camp

PONDMOM The Pond Mom and the Leadership Boot Camp I might as well start my daily Pondemonium reflection pic with how we officially started Pondemonium last Weds. By all accounts, even historically pessimistic Steven Shinholser's The Leadership Boot Camp was an e

Don't Ever Let A Teacher Tell You, You Can't Make A Living Balancing Rocks!

TIM1 Don't Ever Let A Teacher Tell You, You Can't Make A Living Balancing Rocks! Last week I met Tim Anderson when I hired him to work my corporate training event to balance rocks. Yes, you read that correctly, I hired someone to balance rocks! Tim is a free

Who Do You Think Stormed the Beaches?

Who Do You Think Stormed the Beaches? I learned way way more about life and even business playing sports than I ever did in the classroom. Teamwork, hard work, goal setting, culture, competition, winning and particularly losing. My football coach was a

The POND GUY, Greg Wittstock on MSNBC

Who Are They Calling Crazy?! You never know what you're going to get when the media covers you. I don't know if I'd agree with the saying,

Winning Begets Winning

Winning Begets Winning I want to win. Who doesn't? But because everyone wants to win, by default, winning is hard.

Success (and exhaustion). Act Like Men Palooza

How do you even begin to describe "The Greatest Event in Human History?!" Mud wrestling would be a good way to start! With over 800 men spending three days camping and competing in the woods of central Michigan together though, maybe describing what didn'

Leading the Change (You as a Leader)

Pondemonium Leading the Change (You as a Leader) A week ago on this forum I asked people to rank themselves as Leaders. Three people replied <sigh> I'm sure there's many reasons why that occurred from the simple (didn't see it) to the sad (apathy) But I specula

"Would You Share Your Heart At Work?"

The reason I'm posting a pic of an empty table with my feet kicked up with and a half eaten salad in front of me is, for no other reason, than I didn't think about grabbing a pic when it was filled with nervously smiling faces. Once or twice a year I wil

A Right Kind Of Role Model

Ryan Running My son is not a professional athlete. After all he's only 15. But he is a good, not great, but good high school runner.
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