Different is Different

ryan1 Different is Different Tomorrow my 16 year old comes home from Africa. AFRICA! I tell both my boys all the time how blessed they are to experience the things they get exposed too. No matter how many times I say it though, I know they don't get it (yet)

A "Different" Perspective

WITTSTOCK BOYS A "Different" Perspective Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs fame is one of the view outspoken proponents professing the virtues of manual labor. He believes it should be mandated every College bound 18 year old should spend a year working in "the real world" befor

Choose Grace and Love

Choose Grace and Love My wife warned me. She told me to be careful. She let me know it would be like a war zone out there. Of course what I'm talking about is the morning school drop off zone! 😂 I failed to fully heed her advice (a reoccurring patter

How's Living on a Deserted Tropical Island Sound?

Papa New Guinea How's Living on a Deserted Tropical Island Sound? I got to observe his almost nomadic lifestyle up close and personal for almost ten days. That's how long we were on

Life's 10% What Happens To You, 90% What You Do About It!

Life's 10% What Happens To You, 90% What You Do About It! He told me he drank his first beer at 13, smoked his first joint at 14 and snorted his first line of coke at 15. His dad did each one with him. To say my new friend had the chips stacked against

Today’s My Anniversary, Can You Hear What “She’s” Saying?

HONEYMOON Today’s My Anniversary, Can You Hear What “She’s” Saying? Today is my fifteenth Anniversary. If you don’t mind, I’m going to honor my wife in this week’s blog and still relate it to business (romantic huh?) I&rsq

Trades Not Trump!

Trades Not Trump! Many people voted for Trump hoping he'd come through on his promise to create jobs. If he wants to hold true to that he should stop trying to build a bigger wall to prevent people who actually want to come here to work (i.e. the kind of


coffe A Cup of Perspective I'm an early riser and I'm on the road a lot. I often find myself at local diners across the country sometimes as the only patron. Since I'm a talker (and writer ) I often strike up a conversation with the waitress. Everyone is fasci

A Dose of


My Dad Had a Heart Attack That Almost Ended With a Watery Grave

Gary at Hospital My Dad had a heart attack and survived. He beat the odds. His Doctors told him he only had a 20% chance of surviving. His main artery where they installed an emergency stint was 100% blocked. They told him if he wasn't so old he probably wouldn't have mad

What I Wish He Would Have Said

What I Wish He Would Have Said I wish these were the first (and last) words out Trumps mouth last night. And yes...I've always been a dreamer! "Lester...I know you want me to talk about what I said about the Iraq War, why I pursued, ad nausea, finding


Bill He Was 77, I Was 27 The first time I visited England was 1997. It changed me. I came home a different man. I've had mentors my whole life. I owe much of my success to others who took the time to pour into me. I was wise enough to just listen to what the
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