Planting a Bare-Root Lotus

Planting a Bare-Root Lotus 1 From March, April and until Mid-May bare root Lotus (species Nelumbo- NOT Nymphaea, our water lily species) are easy to ship and plant. I was traveling back to FL from Chicago at the beginning of April and stopped by one of my favorite Lotus Nurseries...

A day with the Aquascape Maintenance Crew

Garys Blog - Day with Maintenance 1 Customer pond maintenance done right is part experience, part organization, part equipment, part good business practices and a whole lot of grunt work!

The First Pond Industry Event!

Garys Blog - pondscapes cover The pond industry can make claim to many trade events and just as many publications dedicated to industry hobbyists and professionals alike.

Why Pond Skimmers Are THE Workhorse of Our Ponds

Garys Blog - pond pumps hard to access If there was just one filter I could choose when installing a pond, hands-down it would be a skimmer. Here’s why...

The Pond That Launched Our Industry Part 3 of 3

Garys Blog - Greg with Jackhammer Here we go with our last piece on this classroom pond we first built in 1982. The concrete cracked after 6 years; we repaired it and got another year before it cracked again.

Design Mistakes Became Our Classroom

Garys Blog - empty concrete pond Part 2 of The Pond That Launched an Industry | In Part 1 of this first homeowners pond saga we ran out of concrete because the slurry was too wet.

The Pond That Launched an Industry

Garys Blog - Greg and Sampson Part 1 of The Pond That Launched an Industry | My son Greg was 12 and lived to catch turtles, fish, and frogs around our community.
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