Coming Soon! An Extraordinary Nature Experience in a Shopping Center

Columbia Stone Villavicencio, Colombia. Most people are probably not familiar with this city but everyone will know Colombia. This beautiful country is located on the northern edge of South America; the geographic diversity is matched by the people and cultures of its u

Lessons from Fishing

Lessons from Fishing I just returned from my annual fishing trip in Hayward, Wisconsin. I started going as a boy with family and friends to this scenic area of the Northwoods. Over the years I've learned some incredible life changing skills such as fishing, snorkeling...

Simple Techniques to Create Natural-Looking Streams

Streams are simple to build and allow you to add your creativity and artistry to a pond. By following a few simple rules, you can ensure the stream-building process goes smoothly.

An Explanation of the History And Purpose of the CAC Program

Incredible Dr. Pol with Ed Beaulieu of Aquascape I've been involved with the CAC program since it's inception and I'd like to give a very brief history of why it was created.

A Tale of the Aral Sea: What happens when you mess with Mother Nature

The Aral Sea from 1960 to 2014 The Aral Sea at one time was the 4th largest inland body of water in the world! With over 26,000 square miles of surface area it was significantly larger than Lake Michigan.

Improving Our Altered Environment

Eds Blog - altered environment 01 I've shared this information in the past but it seems to be on everyone's minds lately and it's making national news as droughts are not just regional challenges, they impact the entire country!

Trophic Classification for Freshwater Ecosystems

Photo 2 Understanding water and its teeming life starts with a basic understanding of aquatic ecosystem classification. There are three main classifications to understand.

The True Value of a Water Feature

Eds Blog - Family Investment We've had similar discussions about this before and it's very difficult to quantify as it's similar to other forms of art.

The Invisible Attraction of Water

Natural Waterfall A well designed water feature will engage the entire family with an aquatic experience.

Why You Need to Build and Maintain Professional Relationships

Eds Blog - FONA Waterfall Building and keeping professional relationships is one of the most important pieces of business advice I can give to any pond builder!

How to Land a Project for the Aquascape Pond Squad Show

Sunshine Acres Finished Group Shot People ask us all the time how they get their projects featured on our show. I think the best way to showcase how to land a project for the Aquascape Pond Squad show is to tell the story of how our latest shoot in the desert came to be.

The Crux of the Certified Aquascape Contractor Program

Eds Blog - Completing the Journey What I want to discuss and hopefully relate to what we do is known as the
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