The Most Effective Way to Filter Pond Water

Aquascape Ecosystem Illustration One of the common misconceptions consumers have today about pond ownership is that maintenance is tedious and time consuming. This simply isn’t true when proper steps are taken to create an Aquascape ecosystem pond.

How Many Fish Can You Add to a Pond?

How Many Fish Can You Add to a Pond? We all have that customer who loves fish and collects them to the point of overcrowding their pond. While fish certainly bring joy to any pond, they can also bring headaches to water quality if your customer goes overboard when stocking fish.

Small Ponds, Big Profits

Small Backyard Pond with Fish and Plants Small ponds are not only affordable for most people, but they're easy to manage from a construction vantage, and can provide great profits for you.

Pond Plants: An Easy Reference Guide

Pond Plants in a Backyard Water Garden Pond plants like water lilies, cattails, pickerel weed, and water lettuce are a necessary part of your customers’ pond ecosystems. It's important for you to know the different types of aquatic plants available and the critical role they play in the

Quick Guide to Koi Varieties

Many pond owners choose to have a water garden in their backyard simply to enjoy the hobby of keeping fish. Koi are the most popular pond fish and come in a variety of classifications. Koi are also grouped by domestic or import. To help you identify...

Oxygen in Your Pond

Oxygen in Your Pond Oxygen is one of, if not the most vital element on the face of this Earth. Read any science journal you can find or even look it up on the Internet. You're not going to find anyone that will dispute that fact. The truth is that oxygen is vital to many dif

Value-Added Resources for Aquascape Contractors

Online Version of Pond Builder's Bible You may have visited Aquascape’s website a time or two, but do you know how many resources are available to help you with your business? From pond construction to managing finances to marketing your business; you’ll find almost everything you

FAQs About Fish

Koi in a Water Garden The question of fish always comes up in the water gardening conversation with current and potential customers. As a matter of fact, there are several questions that almost always come up. That’s why we call ‘em “frequently asked question

Why You Need an Annual Marketing Calendar

2017 Marketing Calendar Whether you host a local pond tour, advertise in your local newspaper, post on social media … all of these promotional ideas should be added to your marketing calendar. Simply stated, a marketing calendar is a document that maps out the dates when

Builder Tips - How to Upgrade Existing Pond with a Stream

Making it Better 2 - Aquascape You've probably encountered more customers than you can count on one hand who have champagne taste on a beer budget. They want their backyard to be the perfect oasis with a gorgeous water feature, yet they simply don't have the budget to get what they wan

Pond Ecology Made Easy

Studying Pond Ecology We've all been there. A call comes in from a worried homeowner who's pond has turned green or brown. Or maybe their fish are swimming funny. Pond builders instinctively know something is off with their water quality. To truly understand and remedy what's

What's Your Selling Style?

Aquascape Pond Consultation As pond builders and retailers, we're focused on succeeding with getting more water features into landscapes across the country. A critical and often overlooked part of this success is identifying your selling style.
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