Pump Up Your Knowledge

Cross section of Aquascape water garden pump Learn everything you wanted to know about your water garden pump, but were afraid to ask.

How to Keep Your Summer Pond Healthy

Summer Pond with Koi Your summer pond's water temperature might feel just right to you as you dip your toes into it after a long day of work. But once the water temperature rises above 80 Fº, you may run into problems.

Small Plants for Small Ponds

Variegated Sweet Flag Pond Plants Plants in the water garden not only provide beauty and naturalization, but they also help balance the pond ecosystem. Even a small pond will benefit from the beauty of aquatic plants. We’ve chosen our top favorites that do well in smaller aquatic...

10 Tips for Buying Healthy Fish

Tips for Buying Healthy Fish Adding life to your pond provides a whole new element to the overall experience of owning a water feature. Will you add some colorful koi, or opt for another type of pond fish like shubunkins or sarassas?

Springtime Pond Changes

Aquascape Ecosystem Pond Now that spring is here, you're probably noticing some changes in your pond - your fish are coming back to life and you may even be able to see some plant growth.

Pond Plant Feature: Umbrella Palm

Umbrella Palm Pond Plant Umbrella palm (Cyperus alternifolius) is a tropical plant hardy to Zone 7 that can grow to almost six feet in height. In colder climates, umbrella palm will over-winter if brought indoors and positioned near a sunny window.

Beautiful Backyards: Be Inspired!

Beautiful Backyard with Pond Beautiful backyards create additional living space on your property. Why not take your outdoor living space one step further by adding the soothing sights and sounds of water to the landscape?

Koi Industry at Risk: How You Can Help

Koi in a Backyard Pond Pond owners love their koi, often giving them names and training their fish to eat right from their hand. At Aquascape, we treasure the benefits that koi and other pond fish provide to an ecosystem pond. And so, it is with a heavy heart that we need to ma

Pleasures of Pond Fish

An Eskimo Kiss is shared over a trickle of fish food pellets. Fish play an important role in the nitrogen cycle of an ecosystem pond. Not only do fish dine on algae, but they provide a beautiful flash of color as they glide in and out of waterlilies.

8 Spring Maintenance Tips for Your Pond

Backyard Pond and Waterfall Spring is here and it’s time to get a little maintenance done on your pond. These maintenance tips take little time and effort and can help prevent future problems from arising throughout the pond season.

6 Ground Covers for Pond Pathways

Thymus-Elfin You’re one of the lucky ones! You have a beautiful backyard that’s graced with a refreshing pond that soothes your soul and invites critters and humans alike to enjoy. Since you spend a lot of time in and around your pond, you need a...

The Other Pond Fish

Fantail Goldfish Besides the colorful koi, an array of pond fish is just waiting to call your pond their home.

Red Leaved Canna

Red Leaved Canna, Canna australis The leaves of any colored-foliage canna can't be beat, but Red Leaved Canna (Canna australis) beats them all, and yes, it loves water!

How a Chicago Suburbanite Transformed their Backyard with Water

An ecosystem pond can be low-maintenance if you include fish and aquatic plants to help balance the water quality. Some people are just avid gardeners and have a green thumb. And then there are those who love water in the landscape and wear a blue thumb!

Tips for Building an Amazing Waterfall!

DIY Backyard Waterfall Not only do waterfalls provide melodious tunes for the garden, but they provide necessary aeration to keep your ecosystem pond functioning and looking its best.
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