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Creating sustainable solutions for the world-wide water crisis

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What is The Aquascape Foundation?
The Aquascape Foundation is a not for profit 501 3C organization established in 2008.  The mission of The Foundation is to create sustainable solutions for the world-wide water crisis.  The purpose of The Foundation is to promote awareness of water as our most precious resource through environmental, educational and philanthropic efforts.  One of the ways that we will accomplish this mission is by utilizing Aquascape's RainXchange® Rainwater Harvest System as a solution to bringing clean drinking water to places where people currently have no access.

The Aquascape Foundation is utilizing its core technology to end this needless suffering.  With this technology we can capture, purify and store thousands of gallons of rainwater, making it accessible and potable.  Our technology will not only bring health and wellness to a community, but with an accessible water source, children can focus on education and adults can focus on employment.  It's a smart and sustainable solution to a complex problem.  Water is Life!

Our Board of Directors:

President   Carla Wittstock
Vice President    Ed Beaulieu, Chief Sustainability Officer at Aquascape, Inc.
Treasurer Colleen Heitzler, Chief Operating Officer at Aquascape, Inc.

Who Does The Aquascape Foundation Help?
The Aquascape Foundation helps our neighbors around the globe who need access to clean drinking water. 

Why Should I Get Involved?

To share your passion for the benefits of water, whether they are ornamental, lifestyle, or life saving.

What Are The Facts About The Lack of Drinking Water?
One child dies every fifteen seconds from illnesses associated with a lack of clean drinking water, and a bad level of hygiene and basic sanitation.   Four children die each minute.  5,760 children die a day.  Over 2.1 million die every year due to water related diseases.  The Aquascape Foundation is helping to end this needless suffering … one system at a time.  We found a simple solution to a complex problem – CARING.  You can help!  By joining our hands and hearts together, we can provide the solutions necessary to save lives!  Please give the gift of life – our most precious resource – WATER!

How You Can Help?

  • If you are a skilled pond guy or pond girl, we are in need of your help on our next project.  Come, get your hands dirty with us by signing up for our next trip to Kanuwloe, Ghana, West Africa where we will install a 20,000 gallon rainwater harvesting system for a school in need (click here to download the application). If you have questions about the details of the trip, contact Carla Wittstock at 630.659.2000 or email her at carlagregw@aol.com
  • Donate to the project by 1).  clicking on the "DONATE" button to the right which leads you to a donation page that is administered by PayPal. Or 2). simply send a check to the Aquascape Foundation, 901 Aqualand Way, St. Charles, IL 60174.
  • Help with resources. Do you know someone who can ship product efficiently and cost effectively? Maybe you have some connections that can help with the logistics of the trip. Contact Carla at Carlagregw@aol.com and let her know.

When Do I Begin?
Right now! There's no time like the present!

Who Do I Contact To Learn More?
Carla Wittstock, President
Aquascape, Inc. / 901 Aqualand Way, St. Charles, IL 60174



Our Next Trip will be January 16th - 25th, 2014 to Kanuwloe, Ghana, West Africa.  The Aquascape Foundation will be installing a 20,000 gallon RainXchange system for a local school.  Click here for more information and for application.

Upcoming Trips:
January 16th-25th - Kanuwloe, Ghana, West Africa

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2014 Ghana Trip Brochure

Click here for trip information and pricing

Click here to download application

Applicant Support Letters

Ghana Giving Cards

Our Brochure:
Click Here to View Our Brochure

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In February 2013, our next trip took us to the Dominican Repbulic where a 15,000 gallon rainwater harvesting system was installed at FilterPure Filters, a non profit organization committed to providing safe drinking water to at-risk populations of the developing world.

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On our third trip in January 2012, the Aquascape Foundation along with 25 volunteers installed a rainwater harvesting system at the I.N. Network School in Kiyindi, Uganda.
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On our second annual trip in January 2010, team Aquascape Foundation visited an I.N. Network school called La Rosa de Saron in Colombia.  Another RainXchange™ Rainwater Harvest System was successfully installed.
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In January, 2009, 15 volunteers from The Aquascape Foundation installed Aquascape's RainXchange™ Rainwater Harvest System in the village of Kuve, Ghana, West Africa.
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