Advanced Ponds

Advanced Ponds - Grand ReserveAdvanced ponds can take the form of a Pondless® Waterfall or Ecosystem Pond.  These large water features are often found in commercial applications such as an office complex, a residential subdivision, shopping center, and more.  A few water-loving homeowners have advanced ponds installed on their property where space and budget allow.  These projects are best left to a professional.

An escape from reality, water is the most popular destination point to help free you from the daily grind.  People flock to the coasts, plan fishing trips months in advance, and talk about their upcoming cruise on a daily basis.  And those activities are over before you even know it!  If space allows, why not consider adding a larger water feature to your landscape for a true water-front home site? Advanced Ponds - Pond 1 
  • Create your own dock and reconnect with your family – every evening.  Whether you dangle your feet off the dock or take an afternoon dip in your swimming pond, you’ll be sure to enjoy many fun-filled hours or family togetherness.
  • Create a wildlife habitat that will help compensate for the record-breaking habitat loss happening throughout the world.
  • Add twists and turns of natural-looking streams and waterfalls throughout your landscape, all ending up in a breathtaking pond near your patio.  You’ll want to explore all the nuances of your wandering water feature each day, where you’ll discover new creatures and small treasures to enjoy for a lifetime.
  • Enjoy the educational opportunities presented to your family simply from having a larger water feature.  Discover baby turtles nestled by your pond’s edge on a warm spring day.  Explore a wide variety of feathered friends attracted by the cool splash of water.  Watch a dragonfly circle ‘round and ‘round the pond before lighting on a sun-baked rock.  Revel in the delight of seeing nature through the eyes of your children as they experience the joys of Mother Nature firsthand in their own backyard.  
Besides residential applications, more and more water features are being added to golf courses, hotels and resorts, zoos and parks, and new residential developments.  Water is the Earth’s most vital resource and people are naturally drawn to the soothing sights and sounds it affords.

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