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About Us - AquaGardensWe’re passionate about water gardening and would love to share our story with you.  Learn how Aquascape started from a 12-year old boy’s hobby and developed into an award-winning, multi-million dollar company.  From our quality water gardening products to a LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified building, Aquascape plays an integral role in the world to enhance the environment and beautify landscapes across North America.

Water Garden Capital of the World
Aquascape is proud to announce that St. Charles, Ill., home to Aquascape's main headquarters, Aqualand, recently adopted the title of Water Garden Capital of the World. The move came after the city counsel approved the idea proposed by Aquascape's Chief Sustainability Officer, Ed Beaulieu. Resources - WGCW

Beaulieu and Aquascape agreed to put several water gardens throughout the city in an effort to earn the honor of Water Garden Capital of the World. "It's a good move by the city and by Aquascape to bring people to the town and experience how great man-made water features can be," Beaulieu said. “Water gardens are promoted, thus benefiting Aquascape and its customers, and St. Charles' landscape is beautified, giving travelers yet another reason to visit."

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